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A. N. Ostrovsky - the creator of the Russian National Theater. To the 200th anniversary of the artist. Part II: Stage experimentation

Liberal Arts in Russia. 2023. Vol. 12. No. 3. Pp. 133-150.
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Ilyin V. V.
Moscow State Technical University named after N. E. Bauman (Kaluga branch)
2 Bazhenov Street, 248000 Kaluga, Russia


Ostrovsky’s extensive dramatic legacy is studied through the reflection of the statements of the “human in man” that mainly occupy him. For this purpose, on the basis of one-time observations, a sample is made that establishes the distribution of certain basic parameters. According to this method of acting, dramatic material is regarded as a humanitarian field, within which stage experimentation is carried out. In reality, we are talking about obtaining two series of general aggregates: one is established by the artist (by highlighting a set of representative life paintings), the other is the analyst of his work (by highlighting representative artistic interpretations of life). The characterization of Ostrovsky’s scenography is carried out according to the functions of the meaning of such fundamental poetic thematizations as the plot - “little man”; “human dignity”; “tyranny”; “everything is always on sale”; “inner emptiness”; “the way of Russia”; “happiness”; “historical creativity”.


  • • national theater
  • • stage culture


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