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Manuscript Submission

Authors should submit their manuscripts to the editor via the online submission form.

The following items should be submitted:

1. Manuscript in two files: DOC (or DOCX) and PDF. It is necessary to embed abstract, tables, figures, graphics etc. in the text. Please note that separate graphic files (and other source files) will always be required for proof production when a manuscript is accepted for publication. Graphics as well should be submitted as separate, highresolution artwork files.

2. Abstract in English (DOC or DOCX).

3. Graphic and other source files.

4. Information about all Authors (including full name, ORCID, academic degree, e-mail, affiliation).

5. Cover letter: highlighting the novelty, significance, and urgency of the submitted work, which merits rapid publication and providing details of other relevant information, e.g., submitted or in press manuscripts, list of potential reviewers.

All correspondence, including notification of the editor’s decision and requests for revision, takes place by e-mail. A printed copy of the manuscript is not required at any stage of the process.