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The philosophy of a crisis: a strategy for the social dynamics of transcovid reality

Liberal Arts in Russia. 2021. Vol. 10. No. 6. Pp. 385-400.
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Ilyin V. V.
National Research Center “Kurchatov Institute”
1 Academician Kurchatov Square, 132182 Moscow, Russia


Taking into account the bad domestic political and social ontogenetics - the absence of a universally valid codified regulation for changing top officials at the helm of the board, which has not been worked out for centuries - the transit of power in Russia has always, at all times, been an acute civil problem. A certain optimization of the situation is associated with the need for a non-violent reorganization of modus gubernandi along the vector of strengthening the amortizing “people-state” relationship of institutional origin. The path from the vicious historically completely discredited totalitarianism to democracy is mediated not by the notorious phase of authoritarian paternalism, but by the frontal deployment of popular justice, ensuring the scope of “grassroots” initiative in the order of involvement and participation.


  • • social dynamics
  • • modernization
  • • democratization


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