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Philosophical today. Part I. Splendida vitia

Liberal Arts in Russia. 2020. Vol. 9. No. 2. Pp. 81-103.
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Ilyin V. V.
National research center “Kurchatov Institute”
1 Academician Kurchatov Square, 132182 Moscow, Russia


In the first part of the work, attention is drawn to the reasons for such an unsightly feature of modern Russian philosophizing as posterius (secondary), which deprives the profession of a reflexive critical and analytical worldview closely associated with an explicit and clear personal social position, without which philosophical creativity is emasculated and degenerated. The line drawn by the author is as follows: philosophy as a vocation and profession can not be something of a kind, as the Germans say, reiselektüre. In this form, it loses its high life-teaching place, its cathartic spirit-raising mission.


  • • philosophy
  • • culture
  • • creativity
  • • life


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