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Cultural-philosophical analysis of the processes of culturogenesis in the conditions of glocalization

Liberal Arts in Russia. 2019. Vol. 8. No. 5. Pp. 313-323.
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Stychinskii M. S.
State Academic University for the Humanities
26 Maronovskiy Street, 119049 Moscow, Russia


The article discusses the urgent problems of preserving local cultures in the context of globalization and analyzes the most optimal ways to solve them. The analysis of cultural and civilizational transformations in the process of glocalization is carried out. The existence of two levels of intercultural interaction with respect to the subject of communication is shown: between local cultures, between local and mass culture. The second type of interaction is of particular interest, since its consequence is the process of transformation of the core of the local culture through its carrier. The essential aspects of the influence of mass culture on national communities are analyzed in detail, the importance of developing and implementing cultural policies relevant to these processes is shown. Special attention is also paid to distinguishing between material culture and civilization, which enables identification of the main trends in the field of cultural genesis. The spread on a global scale of the philosophy of pragmatism and capitalist values inevitably leads to a simplification of local cultures, to an orientation toward simple, understandable worldview models that popular culture offers. Attempts to regulate the degree of influence of mass culture inevitably turn out to be associated with restrictions on the freedom of the subject. The way out in this situation is the production of national analogues of mass culture products. It is possible to limit the influence of mass culture only by regulating the degree of immersion in it of a carrier of local culture.


  • • culture
  • • civilization
  • • mass culture
  • • globalization
  • • glocalization
  • • cultural genesis
  • • identity


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