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Modern medical research ethics - bioethics

Liberal Arts in Russia. 2015. Vol. 4. No. 4. Pp. 292-303.
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Vásquez Abanto J. E.
Center for primary medical and sanitary help no. 2 (Emergency Department) Kiev City
14 Timoshenko St., 04205 Kiev, Ukraine
Vásquez Abanto A. E.
Kyiv city clinical Hospital No. 8 (KCCH No. 8)
6/8 Yuri Kondratyuk St., 04201 Kiev, Ukraine
Arellano Vásquez S. B.
University of San Pedro. Academic and professional school of medical technology. Chimbote City, Peru
Huiracocha, Chimbote City, Peru


For today, the medical association came to common opinion, that a doctor-scientist cannot be higher than the universal values. At a decision-making, equally with the scientific interests, which, undoubtedly, will bring to development of the theoretical and practical medicine, a doctor must take into account moral values. The doctrine of the informed consent of patient that is examined as a necessary condition of any medical interference became ethic basis of experiment with participation of human. An observance of confidentiality of the results of the studies is also very important. The present development of the biomedical knowledge supposes realization of human research in a good cause, after the conducted tests on the animals and the other models. A clinical test on human must take place only then, when the risk does not exceed the benefit. Carrying out of the biomedical studies is considered as illegal, unconscionable, amoral and even criminal action. If the regulations and the norms of the law are not observed, it entails penal offence. This article provides the basic foundations of medical activities rather moral standards of medical and research activity, which in the different periods underwent the changes dictated by moral requirements of an era and society are analyzed.


  • • ethics
  • • bioethics
  • • morality
  • • medicine
  • • collegiality
  • • relationships


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