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Features Performance Indicators and Quality Engineering and Maintenance and Cold Storage Complex

Liberal Arts in Russia. 2013. Vol. 2. No. 3. Pp. 278-284.
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Dyakova Yu. A.
Saint-Petersburg State University of Service and Economics
7 Kavalergardskaya Street, 191015, St. Petersburg, Russia


The article discusses the features of efficiency and quality indicators of engineering and technical maintenance of storage and refrigeration facilities. The concept of engineering and maintenance of such systems is explained; it includes design, installation and commissioning of refrigeration, ventilation and air-conditioning, as well as warranty, post-warranty, preventative and advisory services. General definition of the quality index applied to the quality of the service process and definition of the complex index of the quality of services are clarified. Individual indicators of quality engineering and technical services are described. The article defines the dependence of integral complex index of quality, efficiency, maintenance costs on specific parties to a contract for the provision of engineering and technical services. The concept of weighting factors of such costs are introduced.


  • • engineering and maintenance
  • • storage and refrigeration systems
  • • air-conditioning and ventilation systems
  • • cooling systems
  • • design
  • • commissioning
  • • service efficiency
  • • the useful effect
  • • integral composite index of quality of service
  • • the weighting factor of costs


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