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Aleksander Kiklewicz

Kiklevich Alexander Konstantinovich – Professor, Doctor of Philology, Director of the Center of East European Studies (Centrum Badan Europy Wschodniej, Uniwersytet Warminsko-Mazurski w Olsztynie). Editor in chief of the journal “Паланістыка — Полонистика — Polonistyka”.

Research interests lie in the field of theory and philosophy of language, communicative linguistics, semantics, functional grammar, syntax, psycholinguistics, comparative and applied linguistics, as well as the promotion of linguistic knowledge. Author of more than 400 works.

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Main works:

  1. Language and Logic. Linguistic Aspects of Quantification. Munchen: Otto Sagner, 1998.
  2. Polish Language. Minsk: Belarusian Encyclopedia, 2000 (co-author).
  3. Quantitat und Graduierung in der naturlichen Sprache. Munchen: Otto Sagner Verlag, 2001 (editor).
  4. Language. Communication. Knowledge. Minsk: WTAA “Law and Economics”, 2006.
  5. Meaning in Language – Meaning in Mind. Critical Analysis of the Contemporary Theory of Linguistic Semantics. Olsztyn: CBEW, 2012.