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Ladislav Žák

Ladislav Žák

Ladislav Zak – Director of Karlovy Vary Development Institute ( Member of INSOL Europe ( Crisis manager and consultant. Member of International Center for a Fair Policy in Moscow, Consultant of International Education Institute, co-founder of AS Pushkin and a member of the International Institute of the Czechoslovak (


  1. Security Mechanism of Corporations (2006);
  2. On Encounter of Human and Social Capital… (2011);
  3. Why Do Reforms Leading to Knowledge Economy and Society Fail? (2012);
  4. Is It Possible to Profit from Education (2013).

Methodology texts:

  1. Security of Organization Approach Methodology (2013);
  2. “Economic Democracy” (2013).


  1. “Thinking about Organizations and Organisms” (2010);
  2. “The Factor of Knowledge” (2012).
  3. Collection of essays “The Decade of Fluctuations” (2013)