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Sultanova Linera Bairakovna

Sultanova Linera Bayrakovna

Sultanova Linera Bayrakovna (November 22, Ekaterinburg), PhD, Professor of Philosophy and Methodology of Science chair of Philosophy and Sociology department of Bashkir State University. She has published more than 60 works.

PhD thesis: "The Problem of Mathematical Heuristics Rationalizing".

Doctoral thesis: "Implicit Knowledge in Development of Mathematics".

Area of scientific interests: ontology, gnoseology, philosophy of science and technology, philosophy of language, philosophy of mathematics, virtualistics.

Monographs and Textbooks:

  1. Informal Rationalization in Mathematics. Ufa: publishing house of USPTU, 2001. 194 pp.
  2. Philosophy and Methodology of Science. Textbook. Ufa: BSU, 2007. 188 pp.
  3. Implicit Knowledge in Mathematics. Saarbrucken: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2011. 212 pp.

Main works:

  1. Objectively-Historical Aspect of Substantiation of Scientific Theory // Moscow University Bulletin. Ser. 7-philosophy. 2003. No. 2. Moscow: MSU publishing house. Pp. 48–60;
  2. Mathematical Intelligence in Cognitive Research // TSU Bulletin. Philosophy. Sociology. Politology. 2010. No. 2 (10).  Pp. 64–72.
  3. Mathematics in the context of Educational Disciplines of the “Philosophy” Specialty // Mathematics and Computer Science in Natural Science and Humanitarian Education: materials of international scientific-practical conference. Minsk: BSU Press, 2012. Pp. 101–104.