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Sitnikov Valery Leonidovich

Sitnikov Valery Leonidovich

Sitnikov Valery Leonidovich (July 4, 1952, Sverdlovsk) – well-known expert in the field of Psychology, Doctor of Psychology, professor, head of Department of Applied Psychology of Petersburg State University of Railway Transport. Federal expert of higher professional education. Chairman of the Russian branch of International Council of Psychologists.

PhD thesis: The Image of Child in Minds of Teachers.

Doctoral thesis: The Psychology of Image of Child (in Minds of Children and Adults).

V. L. sitnikov has advised five PhD theses, he is the author of more than 130 of scientific and educational works.

Area of scientific interests: psychology of development, educational, gender, social and organizational psychology, psychology of security.

Monographs and textbooks:

  1. Fundamentals of Human Studies. Introduction to Anthropology. St. Petersburg, 2001. (In co-authorship);
  2. Cadets` and officers` Images of Teachers at the Russian Police Academy / Teaching Psyсhology around the World. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Newcastle, UK. 2006. (In co-authorship);
  3. What Makes a Good Teacher? A comparison of Russian and U.S. Student Perceptions / Teaching Psychology around the World. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Newcastle, UK. 2007. (In co-authorship).

Main works:

  1. Social-Perceptive Images of Adolescent Viktims of Sexual Violence // Global Citizenship Devolopment and Sources of Moral Values / The Association for Moral Education. The 32 Annual Meeting in Fribourg / Switzerland, 2006. (In co-authorship).
  2. A. S. Karmin Contribution to the Theory of Intuition // Karmin reading. All-Russian Scientific Conference “Actual Problems of Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Psychology, Conflict Resolution and Higher Education”. Ed. V. L. Sitnikov. St. Petersburg: PSURT press, 2011.
  3. Pedagogical Origins of Contemporary Teambuilding Psychology // Proceedings of the Herzen State Pedagogical University. 2012. No. 146. Pp. 51–61.