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Perminov Vasily Yakovlevich

Perminov Vasily Yakovlevich

Perminov Vasily Yakovlevich (June 2, 1938, Kirov region) – expert in philosophy of mathematics and the theory of knowledge, PhD, Professor of the chair of Philosophy of Natural Departments of Philosophy department of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

PhD thesis: “Mathematical Anticipation in the Development of Scientific Knowledge” (1968).

Doctoral thesis: “Philosophical Foundations of Ideas about the Rigor of Mathematical Proof” (1986).

Vasily Yakovlevich has advised more than 10 PhD and doctoral theses.

In his works on the philosophy of mathematics he attempts to update and deepen the traditional ideas of apriorism and put them in a basis of understanding of the nature of mathematical knowledge.

V. Ya. Perminov proposes a classification of mathematical certainties and based on it the concept of absoluteness (completeness) of mathematical proofs; from this point of view he criticizes the empirical direction in the philosophy of mathematics, unreasonably closing, in his opinion, the methodology of mathematics and methodology of experimental Sciences. In the works related to the analysis of categories he justifies a priori character of the Central ontological categories, such as space, time and causality; a priori it is understood as a universal normative activity generated by subject attitudes(praxiological apriorism). In the theory of knowledge he adheres to Marxist orientation in general, assuming, however, that the Marxist theory of knowledge must be brought to the recognition and justification of a priori knowledge.

Monographs and Textbooks:

  1. Problem of Causality in Philosophy and Natural Science. Moscow: Moscow State University Press, 1979.
  2. Philosophical and Methodological Problems in Mathematics. Moscow: Moscow State University Press, 1981 (In co-authorship with E. A. Belyaev).
  3. Philosophy Bases of Mathematics. Moscow: Progress-Traditsiya, 2001.

Main works:

  1. Mathematics and the Concept of I. Lakatos Research Programs // Problems of Philosophy. 1981. No. 7.
  2. Philosophy as a Method // MSU Bulletin, Ser. Philosophy, 1997. No. 5.
  3. System-Genetic Basis of Consistency of Mathematics // Historical Mathematical Research. Moscow, 2011. No. 14 (49).