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Kazaryan Valentina Pavlovna

Kazaryan Valentina Pavlovna

Kazaryan Valentina Pavlovna (December 6, Kovrov, Vladimir region).

Specialist in the field of philosophy of science; Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of the chair of Philosophy of Natural Departments of Philosophy department of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Doctoral dissertation: "Dialectical Materialist Conception of Time and Modern Science" (1986). Honored Professor of Moscow State University (2005). She has successfully advised 7 PhD students.

Her area of scientific interests includes sstudies in the field of philosophy of science and its cultural topics: powerful cultural sounding of mathematics is shown in the study of mathematics beyondits own boundaries by reflecting the image of mathematics emerging in culture, special attention is drawn to the changing nature of mathematical activity in the field of mathematics of complex systems; philosophy of time, the studies made by V. P. Kazaryan on the philosophical problems of physics, cosmology, biology, psychology, and modeling of complex systems allows overcoming the dilemma of “scientism – anti-scientism” in the philosophy of time and realizing of all the wealth of manifestations of time from unified philosophical positions. Obtained results showed close connection of scientific models of time with the concept of time in culture. It is proposed to consider time as manifestation of unity of being in terms of past, present, and future and of relations based on them: before, at the same time and later.

Main works:

  1. Concept of Time in the Structure of Scientific Knowledge. Moscow, 1980.
  2. New cognitive Situation in Studies of Complex Systems. Moscow, 1990.
  3. Mathematics and Culture. Vladikavkaz, 1999 (in co-authorship).
  4. System Approach and Management Decisions // System Approach in Modern Science. Moscow, 2004.
  5. Philosophical Problems of Applied Mathematics // Philosophy of Mathematics and Technical Sciences. Moscow, 2006.