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Alla Kamalova

Kamalova Alla Alekseevna is an expert in the field of theory of language and Russian studies, Doctor of Philology, Professor of Institute of Slavic Philology of Warmia and Mazury University in Olsztyn (Poland), Distinguished Worker of higher professional education of the Russian Federation.

Research interests: lexical semantics and stylistics, lexicography, cultural linguistics, philosophy of language. Basic scientific results: semantic category of state was studied, identified its structure, its methods of representation in the language and text; various fragments of Russian linguistic picture of the world and private concepts (Anger, Disease, Soul, Heart, Fear, Crying, and others) were described; on the basis of the cognitive approach the original description technique of semantic categories and cultural phenomena was developed and tested; theoretical basis was developed and experience of the descriptions of the concepts and other cultural phenomena in complex multi-dimensional dictionary was given.

She is the author of more than 150 scientific and educational-methodical publications, the participant of many international conferences.

Monographs, dictionaries and textbooks:

  1. Formation and Fnctioning of the Lexis with Mental State Meaning in Russian Literary Language.Textbook. Arkhangelsk, 1994. 136 pp.
  2. Linguocultural Description of a Northern Russian Village. Arkhangelsk, Pomor University, 2007. 339 pp. (co-authorship, L. A. Savelova).
  3. Depiction of Saints in Menaia Texts // Minaia: an Example of Hymnographyc Literature and a Tool to Shape the Orthodox Worldview. Edited by Helena Pociechina & Alexander Kravetsky. Olsztyn, 2013. P. 140–158.

Main works at periodicals:

  1. Czeslawo Miloszo „Daineles apie porceliana” meniniu vertimu semiotine analize. // Czeslawas Miloszas is XXI amziaus perspektyvos. Kaunas: Vytauto Didziojo universiteto leidykla, 2007. Pp. 197–211.
  2. Explanatory Dictionary as an Object of Linguistic Research // Acta Polono-Ruthenika, XIV, 2010. P. 397–404.
  3. On the Grandilevsky Work “Motherland of Mikhail Lomonosov…” from the View of Cultural Linguistics // Bulletin of Baltic Federal University, № 8 (Philology). Kaliningrad, 2012. Pp. 60–65.