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Ilin Viktor Vasil’evich

Victor Vasil’evich Ilin

Victor Vasil’evich Ilin (September 4, 1952, Moscow) — Russian philosopher and historian of science, specialist in epistemology and social philosophy. Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University. Doctor of Political Sciences.
PhD thesis: “The Peculiarities of Assimilation of Scientific Knowledge” (1978).
Doctoral thesis: Nature of Science. Epistemological Analysis” (1989).
V. V. Il’in has advised 83 PhD and 3 Doctors of Sciences. He is the author of 200 works including 30 books.

Main works:

1. Criteria for Scientific Knowledge. Moscow: Vyshaya Shkola, 1989.
2. Political Science: Textbook for High Schools. 2nd Edition, Revised. Moscow, Universitet, 1999. 544 pp.
3. Macrosociology. Saransk: Krasnyi Oktyabr’, 2004.
4. Philosophical Anthropology: Textbook for High Schools. 2nd Edition. Moscow: publishing house Universitet, 2006. 232 pp.
5. Russia in the System of World Civilizations: Monograph. Moscow: publishing house Universitet, 2009.