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Guseinova Zivar Makhmudovna

Guseinova Zivar Makhmudovna – well-known specialist in the field of ancient Russ and classic Russian music, Doctor of Arts, professor, head of History of Russian music chair of N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov Saint Petersburg State Conservatory, editor-in-chief of “MUSICUS” journal, member of editorial board of journals "OPERA MUSICOLOGICA" and "Vestnik Bashkirskogo Universiteta"

PhD thesis: "The Principles of Systematization of Ancient Russian Musical writing of 11th–14th Centuries. (The Problem of Deciphering the Early Form of Znamenny Notation)" (1982).

Doctoral thesis: “Notice” by Alexander Mezents and Music Theory of 17th Century

Z. M. Guseinova has advised one doctoral and eight PhD theses. She is the author of more than 100 scientific and educational works.

Area of scientific interests: old Russian music, Russian classical music, textual criticism, source studies.

Monographs and textbooks:

  1. "Notice" by Alexander Mezents and Music Theory of 17th Century. Monograph. St. Petersburg: SPbGK publishing house, 1995. 226 pp.
  2. Signs of Old Russian Notation. Handbook. St. Petersburg: SPbGK publishing house, 1999. 21 pp.
  3. Russian Musical Alphabet of 15th–16th Centuries. Textbook. St. Petersburg: SPbGK publishing house, 1999. 146 pp.


Main works:

  1. Old Russian Chants: Diversity of Music Interpretations // Musical Education in the Modern World. Dialogue of Times. Materials of international scientific-practical conference. 10-12 December 2009. Part 2. Ed. M. V. Vorotnoi. St. Petersburg: Herzen RSPU press, 2010. Pp. 47-52.
  2. M. O.Steinberg: FirstYearinTashkent // Operamusicologica. 2011. No. 1(7). Pp. 24-39.
  3. Die Theotokia und Kreuzteotokia aus den Menaionbuchern als Gesangszyklus // Theorie und Geschicte der Monodie. Band 6. Brno, 2012.Pp. 197–219.