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Philosophy of crisis: renovation of metaphysics

Liberal Arts in Russia. 2021. Vol. 10. No. 5. Pp. 293-304.
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Ilyin V. V.
National research center “Kurchatov Institute”
1 Academician Kurchatov Square, 132182 Moscow, Russia


The heuristic core of the renovation of metaphysics is the thematization of anthropo-investments in existence. The substantial core of the renewal is the mediation of reasoning by the beneficial sanitizing influences of Wertswelt, humanitarily programming the structural restructuring of Menschwelt, Naturwelt, Lebenswelt according to the laws of beauty (natural, cultural similarity). The operational contour of innovative philosophizing is set by the “three N” block: - neorealism: the prospect of cultivating a kind of homo reality; - neohumanism: the consolidation of creative forces on the platform of consensus, tolerance, deliberation; - neorationality: exaggerating the status of uncertainty as a concentrate of possibilities that find objectification through binding attribution to the “fact of man”.


  • • updated metaphysics
  • • neorealism
  • • neohumanism
  • • neorationality


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