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Ideological determination of political and legal transformations in the countries of the New World of the 19th century

Liberal Arts in Russia. 2020. Vol. 9. No. 6. Pp. 377-390.
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Ravochkin N. N.
Kuzbass State Technical University named after T. F. Gorbachev; Kuzbass State Agricultural Academy
28 Vesennyaya Street, 650000 Kemerovo, Kemerovo region, Russia; 5 Markovtsev Street, 650056 Kemerovo, Kemerovo region, Russia


In the modern world, the evolutionary version of social development and its individual spheres is inextricably linked with the pragmatics of the functioning of political and legal institutions, which largely determine the specifics of the “rules of the game” adopted in a particular state. This article is devoted to the analysis of the ideological determination of the political and legal development of the states of the New World, which, in a sense, relatively recently gained independence, became independent participants in public relations. However, despite some commonality of conditions, the implementation of advanced social ideas in the institutions under consideration has led to certain contrasts, concerning, first of all, their actual development. In this article, the author not only considers political and legal institutions as forms of the ideal embodiment of intellectual constructs, but also draws parallels with the problem that is urgent for the Russian state - revealing the reasons for the country’s stagnation.


  • • political and legal institutions
  • • idea
  • • intellectuals
  • • ideological determination of institutional transformations
  • • transformation


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