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Methodological significance of metatheoretical level of scientific knowledge for post-non-classical science

Liberal Arts in Russia. 2020. Vol. 9. No. 5. Pp. 297-304.
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Sultanova L. B.
Bashkir State University
32 Zaki Validi Street, 450076 Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia


This author of the article studies the methodological specificity of post-non-classical science, with a bias towards modern (post-non-classical) science. The increase in the influence of philosophy and methodology of science on scientific knowledge in general, and especially on natural science, is noted. The author believes that theoretical science today is in a state of crisis, which is expressed in stating the diversification between the existing interpretations of basic theoretical terms, as well as between the results of experimental activities in the framework of the development of the quantum-relativistic paradigm. The general specificity of modern natural science is determined by the loss of visibility, as well as the “technicalization” and “informatization” of all its spheres, which ultimately leads to a departure from the study of fundamental issues of natural science. Dialectical materialism is actually discarded by modern natural science, and the resulting “philosophical vacuum” is filled with outdated “pseudophilosophical” ideas of positivism. In this regard, according to the author, the importance of studying the metatheoretical (prerequisite) level of scientific knowledge, the elements of which are immanent to the thinking of the subject and are implicit in relation to the scientific theories themselves, is significantly increasing. The main conclusions of the article are summarized in the Conclusion.


  • • philosophy and methodology of science
  • • theory of knowledge
  • • experimental activity
  • • quantum paradigm
  • • metatheoretical level of scientific knowledge
  • • implicit knowledge
  • • methodological analysis
  • • invisible hand of the market


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