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Existential-psychological model of healing in oncological practice

Liberal Arts in Russia. 2020. Vol. 9. No. 4. Pp. 224-232.
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Evstifeeva E. A.
Tver State Technical University
22 Nikitin Embankment, 170026 Tver, Russia
Filippchenkova S. I.
Tver State Technical University
22 Nikitin Embankment, 170026 Tver, Russia


The article reveals the explanatory possibility of translating existential methodology into modern medical and oncological practice. Based on an interdisciplinary medical and psychological approach to healing, an argument is presented about the combination of rational and existential experience of an oncological patient, objective and subjective measurements of health-related quality of life. The existential-psychological model of healing developed by the authors, focused on the existential methodology, actualizes the discussion about the objectivity of the existential level of problems in conditions of cancer and with the use of such an indicator of the state of health as the quality of life associated with health. The author understands the existential psychological model of healing as a psychometric toolkit for describing, explaining, and generalizing the resulting research of psychological and existential data on a cancer patient. The development of this model takes into account the personal parameters of QOL associated with human health, existential mood and reflexive-personal characteristics of the patient, as well as their induction on the indicators of the quality of life. The model is focused on the idea of measuring QoL in the projection of subjective (existential-psychological, reflexive) health assessment.


  • • existential discourse
  • • medical practice
  • • existential-psychological model of healing
  • • cancer patient
  • • health-related quality of life
  • • responsibility
  • • reflexivity
  • • existential experience


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