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Philosophical reflection of economic studies: cognitive, mathematical, and information aspects

Liberal Arts in Russia. 2019. Vol. 8. No. 4. Pp. 246-260.
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Erovenko V. A.
Belarusian State University
4 Nezavisimosti Avenue, 220030 Minsk, Belarus
Gulina O. V.
Belarus State Economic University
26 Partizansky Avenue, 220070 Minsk, Belarus


The current stage of development of economic studies is characterized by integration processes of economics, mathematics, and computer science, which requires deep philosophical reflection and a cognitive approach for understanding the methodological grounds of using economic and mathematical modeling based on modern information technologies. In economics, the problem is to move from the abstract to the substantive level of research as well as in any other science that has reached the level of mathematization of its studies. The methodological significance of philosophical reflection is also manifested in the fact that it persistently asks about the validity of economic decision-making in a certain formal form that enables solving difficulties of the subject of knowledge arising in problem situations. Nevertheless, one should not overestimate the philosophical orientation of the economic and mathematical study, as it cannot replace the specific economical knowledge and especially the mathematical formalism of applied information and technological computations. The article reflects the scientific discussion about the methodological aspects of the development of economic studies from the point of view of the philosophical reflection of cognitive, mathematical, and informational aspects of modern economic knowledge. Particular attention is paid to the possibilities of the cognitive interaction of economics, mathematics, and computer science in the context of the problem of the level of formalization of economic science.


  • • philosophical reflection
  • • economic studies
  • • cognitive aspect
  • • mathematical aspect
  • • informational aspect
  • • problem of formalization


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