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Tragic loneliness in cycle of “Stories of Last Summer” by Sergei Dovlatov

Liberal Arts in Russia. 2018. Vol. 7. No. 3. Pp. 185-196.
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Vlasova E. A.
Russian National Library
18 Sadovaya Street., 191069 Saint Petersburg, Russia


The author of the article studied how Dovlatov depicted popular problematics (tragic loneliness of an artist) in one of his last works, the cycle of “Stories of Last Summer”. Russian well-known writer presents tragic theme of loneliness in another - modern, postmodern - way. His cycle is getting like little play consisting of three acts, where the basis is formed nor by a thought, nor by philosophy, nor by reflection, but by the dialog - “words, words, words”. In such a way, a peculiar parceling was reached, which the writer used to create anecdotic effect contributing to the comprehension of serious - “everlasting” - problem of “the artist and the plebs”. Comic character of actions and replicas of the heroes, as the author of the article has shown, does not eliminate the tragic overtones. Humor does not diminish the tragic pathos, but rather aggravates it.


  • • Dovlatov
  • • postmodernism
  • • loneliness of an artist
  • • anecdote


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