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Mamluk Egypt - the Center of Arab-Muslim Culture of 13-14th Centuries

Liberal Arts in Russia. 2014. Vol. 3. No. 6. Pp. 485-488.
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Shaykhislamov T. R.
St. Petersburg State University
11 Universitetskaya Emb., 199034 St. Petersburg, Russia


The author analyses the role and meaning of the Mamluk Egypt as the center of Arab-Muslim culture of 13-14th centuries. The factors leading Egypt to become the significant cultural center are studied. It is stressed, that in the 13-14th centuries Egyptian culture reached its climax due to historical conditions and Mamluks patronage, who managed to make this state the center of Arab-Muslim culture. The author showed the important role of Mamluk Egypt not only in Arab-Muslim but also in the culture of all mankind.


  • • Egypt
  • • Mamluks
  • • culture
  • • Arabs
  • • Muslims
  • • architecture
  • • art


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