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The Authority’s Coded Discourse (In the Dreams of its Carriers)

Liberal Arts in Russia. 2014. Vol. 3. No. 6. Pp. 480-484.
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Degaltseva E. A.
Biysk Technological Institute AltSTU
27 Trofimova St., 659305 Biysk, Russia


The article is devoted to the formal aspects of the political power. It examines the nature of power on the basis of the analysis of dreams of her media: Russian statesmen of XIXth and early XXth centuries. The relevance of the topic due to the dynamism of a modern political culture, the inability to identify formal sources of legitimacy of authority. The results indicate the mythologization and mystification of power. Components reviewed in historical Retrospect discourses were inherited from the past sacred images of power, which could not rid ourselves of its carriers.


  • • political power
  • • dream
  • • the image of authority
  • • unconscious
  • • discourse
  • • mythologization
  • • symbol


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