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Role of Transhumanism and Constructivism in the Philosophy of Trans-Science

Liberal Arts in Russia. 2014. Vol. 3. No. 1. Pp. 3-15.
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Danielyan N. V.
National Research University of Electronic Technology
5 Passage 4806, Zelenograd, 124498, Moscow, Russia


The notions of trans-science and trans-humanism and their interconnection are studied. The idea that trans-humanism is directed to the decision of trans-science issues mostly having a constructivism nature to is developed. The author studies influence of such constructivism concepts as natural epistemology, social constructivism, constructive realism on the formation of trans-science and trans-humanism notions. The article demonstrates on the example of achievements in the field of nanotechnologies and net society that development and introduction of such projects are accompanied by arising trans-science issues and increasing the level of virtualization of people’s consciousness and their social relations. The author concludes on the basis of current severe ecological problems that it is time to take into consideration such concepts as stable social development by means of searching reasonable answers to trans-science questions and pass the limits of trans-humanism.


  • • trans-science
  • • constructivism
  • • trans-humanism
  • • nanotechnologies
  • • net society
  • • virtualization
  • • constructive realism
  • • stable development