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Symbolic Construction of Reality: Scenography of the World

Liberal Arts in Russia. 2013. Vol. 2. No. 6. Pp. 531-551.
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Ilin V. V.
Bauman Moscow State Technical University
5 Bauman str., 105005, Moscow, Russia


The author draws attention to gnoseologically not enough investigated phenomenon of automorphism thinking. In the widely known works of F. Varela, and U. Maturana automorphism is associated mainly with the study of the adaptation of biological organisms. It appears, however, that the possibilities of this approach are more significant. The author believes that the driving force of thinking activity is the constructive combination. Cognitive morphogenesis processes as a free combination of symbolic forms, managed by rules of mental experimentation over one’s own resources, resulting in the development of the spiritual world of a person. The “generation of meanings through distinction of meanings” logic is a lever that starts independent-functioning automatic processes. Such a spiritual auto-modelling generates symbolic morphisms – what is referred to as drawing “castles in the air”, creating constructions without basement. The author comes to the conclusion that in scientific knowledge, as in poetry, all abilities of associative consciousness on the basis of auto-modelling mechanism are involved and they serve as indicators for creation of form. In this process tools of internal semantic transformations aimed at paramorph exposure of reality are applied.


  • • epistemology
  • • thought automorphism F. Varela
  • • U. Maturana
  • • constructive combining
  • • cognitive morphogenesis
  • • the spiritual world of the individual
  • • generation of meanings
  • • distinction of meanings
  • • symbolic morphisms
  • • auto-modelling mechanism
  • • paramorph exposure of reality


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