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A Letter from the Editor in Chief

Dear readers!

The editorial board of the journal Liberal Arts in Russia decided to put into practice the publication of thematic issues of the journal which will publish a compilation of articles on related topics. We believe that this innovation will stimulate scientific debates on the pages of the journal, will make it more useful both for readers and for our authors.

Here is the first of such thematic issues of the journal. It is devoted to the actual problem of modern philology, which can be formulated as a “Slavic ethnic groups, languages and cultures in the process of modern social and cultural communication”. Presented themes combined a great variety of scientific information. This is the Slavic languages in a changing world in the era of globalization, systemic phenomena in modern Slavic languages and problems of their functioning in various areas of communication, sociolinguistic and sociocultural situation in Slavic countries, linguo-culturological aspects of the study of Slavic languages, the dynamics of the Slavic linguistic pictures of the world and their reflection in lexis and lexis practice, etc. The width of problems is a reason of considerable authors’ interest to the to this magazine issue: it gathers articles by famous Russian and foreign scientists. Editorial board considers the publication of these materials the beginning of further cooperation of philologists in this area, and we expect to continue to publish articles on this subject in subsequent issues of the journal.

In the near future the editorial board plans to publish issues devoted to contemporary problems of the languages of the people of the north in modern socio-cultural space, to the philosophy of science (particularly mathematics), to the peculiarities of modern Russian education and to the human and child rights situation in Russia and abroad. The exact themes and release dates of the upcoming issues of the journal will be announced on the journal website.

We invite you to cooperate, we will be glad to see you among our authors!

Alexandr Fedorov,
Editor in Chief,
Doctor of Philology, Professor,
full member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences