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М. V. Lomonosov: the Art to Be Old

Liberal Arts in Russia. 2012. Vol. 1. No. 1. Pp. 60-66.
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Salova S. A.
Bashkir State University
32 Z. Validi Street, 450076, Ufa, Russia


There is made an attempt to reconstruct a philosophical context where M. V. Lomonosov poetically comprehended a gerontological theme from anacreontic XI, XXII, XLIII odes and set a problem of cultural models of human behavior in the senior age. It is proved that Lomonosov’s treating the genre subject is polemically opposite to Epicurean behavior patterns and is mediated to moral and philosophic conceptions of antiquity and modern time thinkers (Cicero, La Rochefoucauld, B. Gracian).


  • • Russian anacreontics
  • • interdiscourse
  • • Lomonosov
  • • gerontological theme
  • • tanatological motive
  • • behavior patterns


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